Padre Island Art Gallery

Meet The Padre Island Art Gallery Artists

Susan Balbin

Hello! My name is Susan Balbin, and I have been teaching grades 6-12 English, Art, and Science since 1991. I have been teaching at the Robert N. Barnes Regional Juvenile Facility since 2002. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Literature with a minor in Art from University of Houston, and I also hold my Master's degree in Education Administration from Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi. Since Covid, my love for Art has been invigorated, and I have been lately busy creating rustic pallet painting with a beachy/South-Texan influence. I love trying out different media and experimenting with different styles of art. I am very excited about a part of this wonderful art gallery on the island! I look forward to being inspired by working with like-minded people who share a love of art!

Stacey White

I am Stacey Barr White, a self taught artist. I change my unique style of art with where and what phase of life I am in at the time. That is how I create. I turn the music on, and I feel the energy of the moment and create my art in this way. My passion is for acrylics. I have worked in all mediums except oils. I apply paint to canvas expressing my passion and love for art. I teach Adult and Children's classes here at the Gallery.

Kat Spears

Utah born, Texas raised, Kat has been passionate about art of all kinds since she could pick up a paintbrush. She focused much of her high school career on her AP art classes and eventually found her way to the University of North Texas where she obtained a BFA with a concentration in watercolor in 2015. Fun fact, Kat had never worked with watercolor before 2012, and as soon as she started working with this unique medium, she fell in love immediately. She began her watercolor career working exclusively on large-scale watercolor paper, but has since expanded her craft to objects you wouldn’t normally think watercolor would work well on. She is currently focused on painting large 25inch silk/bamboo folding fans. She loves to paint scenery and underwater animals, but also loves to branch out and paint whatever comes to her mind. Kat is so excited to be part of the Padre Island Art Gallery. This is her first time being exhibited by a gallery apart from exhibitions at UNT. She can’t wait to see what the future holds for herself and her fellow artists.

Isabella Esparza

My name is Isabella, l was born in Colombia, grew up in California and then got to Texas as fast as I could! I enjoy many forms of art and have worked with many mediums including watercolor, acrylic, oils, floral design and even tried my hand at jewelry making. I started Quilling after seeing the art form on a little card I bought while on vacation last year. Quilling has turned out to become my favorite , no mess, great for your dexterity and your imagination is the only limit.This beautiful old art form is really having a come back and I’m happy to be part of it!

Andrew Folley

Andrew is a local artist of Corpus Christi, Texas, where He and his wife have lived for the past 10 years. He has worked in watercolors, acrylics and currently is painting primarily with oils on canvas. Paintings vary in size from 6” x 8” to 36” x 48”. He takes advantage of the gulf coast of Texas for his seascapes and landscapes. All work on display is original one of a kind pieces.

Lorree Folley

Lorree Taylor is a marine photographer working out of South Texas on the Gulf of Mexico. Her art capitalizes on her love for underwater marine life, captured on camera through scuba diving and displayed on canvas. In addition, she paints in acrylics on canvas and creates original notecards.

Stephanie Gonzalez

I am currently a stay at home mother of two beautiful boys with a full time schedule in sports. I just recently created my own style of art using mixed media with acrylic and epoxy resin in paintings, bowls and more. Creating the name SaltLyfe Artistry! What I have always valued the highest In my life is family, making sure they’re taken care of. My boys and husband I have always put first. Years later being able to put my artwork out there for the community and the world to see has been one of my life long goals. Though I have stumbled my way through life with college, to the vet tech world it took a turn to “Mom life” which I love....but now finally being able to do for me and expressing myself through art is an all time high!!!

Debra Nichols

I am a driftwood and seashell artist, I enjoy searching the beach looking for unique pieces of driftwood and shells. Creating something beautiful from what nature provides. I am blessed to be married to my husband Larry for 36years. We have a wonderful family with 4 kids, 4 grandkids and many grand dogs! I am a native Texan. We moved to N. Padre Island just 1 1/2 years ago but we vacationed here for about 30 years and finally made it permanent last year. Opening an art gallery was not in the plans, however I am so happy that i did. We needed this on our little island and hope the community comes out to support our local artist. We now have 65 local artists in our gallery and just started art classes too! Come by the gallery and sign up and take a look at all the great artwork!

Lindsey Norwood

Lindsey Norwood is the artist behind Piper’s Palette. She specializes in acrylic pour paint and watercolor art. She has lived in Corpus Christi for about a year. Her and her husband are both in the military and have three fur babies named Piper, Annie and Sky. One is a Great Dane, one is a German Shepherd and the last is a Collie mix. When she’s not painting she enjoys bird watching and photography. Her art is mainly inspired by the beach, birds, and nature. She has recently started doing pour paint on flower pots with great success. If you want to see more of Lindsey’s work or are interested in a custom piece, message her on Instagram @Piperspalette or on Facebook Piper’s Palette Art! She will be teaching the children’s watercolor classes as well!

Karen Wall

Growing up in a small town in Indiana, I knew from a very small age that I loved art. Very seldom would I be seen without a sketchpad. As I grew older Life took me in different directions, but in the back of my mind the love of art was always there. At the age of 20 I started painting with oils on canvas and discovered that I loved it but knew that at that time in my life I needed a full time career. I joined the United States Navy and retired after 22 years of service. During my time in the Navy, I still continued to draw, sketch and paint but it was far and few between. It wasn't until after I retired in Florida that my brother talked me into moving to the Texas coast. Being an avid fisher woman and loving the water and all the nature that it brings, I decided to combine my love of art together with my love of fishing and water. I am a self taught artist and work with oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolors. I also donate paintings to non-profit organizations and local charities.

Cindy Gentry

Creating original jewelry that enhances your feeling of delight and remembrance, that can be handed down through generations, brings me great joy. As a child I was driven to create with my hands. I loved working with clay, painting, fabrics, all sorts of materials. Always inspired by the nature around me, its colors and shapes giving way to more ideas. Although life sometimes gets in the way, I always kept creativity a part of my lifestyle. While spending the last 30 plus years as a businesswoman in the financial services industry, I always tried to find time to nurture my creativity. One of my loves was working with stained glass as I was drawn to the beautiful colors and textures. In 2006 I was introduced to lampwork glass and was fascinated with it. I was hooked! It took me several years to gather all the proper equipment but once I had, I enjoyed every minute I was able to sit in my garage studio and make glass beads. Primary self-taught but once I felt comfortable enough, I started taking weekend classes with well-known lampwork artists. I was privileged to be taught by Kristina Logan, Heather Trimlett and Pati Walton. It was when I learned how to make glass cabochons which took me in a whole new direction in jewelry making. I had been stringing my beads, but now I needed to learn how to set my cabochons to create the type of piece I wanted. I dove into silversmithing, primary self-taught with the help of YouTube! I then discovered how I could use my own mandala patterns in my jewelry making. This helped me to gain my own voice in my jewelry designs. “My work brings balance to my life and happiness to my soul. I hope the same will happen to all the women and men that delight in my pieces”

Claudia Loving

Claudia Loving describes herself as an organic artist. A mother of 5 questionably adult children and 2 stepchildren, she is now a devoted and successful “Mimi” to 9 brilliant and beautiful grandchildren. She grew up in Clear Lake City, Texas. A daughter to NASA geeks who introduced her to the beach and beach combing. Claudia credits her Dad for her lifelong addiction to beach “treasures “. Now in retirement her husband accompanies her scouring of beaches. After nearly burying him in her horde of seashells, sea glass and driftwood, she began her art career. Sandfest 2016 was a huge success for her company, ALL SHE Does IS BEACH. She sold out of her collection of sea glass art. Currently Claudia’s torment of seeing her beloved beaches and coastal lands littered with plastic and trash drives her again to her art in organic materials. She shows us that vessels from organic origins are much more beautiful and pleasing. Self taught, because there is no school for this, she collects and cleans fallen palm fronds. (Her neighbors love that part!) she soaks and softens them making them pliable and somewhat submissive to her hands. Each one is unique so she listens and sees what each one will become. Please reach Claudia Loving at: 832.768.8499 and follow on Instagram @lovingbeachart.

Sandy Fritz

Sandy’s art is a collection of mixed media including alcohol inks, watercolor, textures, papers, graffiti, acrylic and oil paints. The multi step process used in creating her art is what shows up on the canvas full of life and movement. "My art is whimsy much like myself. I love to laugh. My art expresses how I view the world; full of life, color and emotion. My art exhibits that it is the smaller things that become a bigger image, which in turn makes the world go ‘round. ENJOY!" Sandy, her husband Randy along and their dog Bandit are from CO but are full time RVers. They love traveling around the country meeting new people in new places. Her studio is small but might and she loves bringing art to people who think they can’t....her classes are FUN and welcoming and the motto is “You ARE just don’t know it yet!” On a side note: Sandy is fluent in American Sign Language and would be happy to use ASL in any of her classes.